About Us

Backcountry Women’s primary mandate is to unite, educate, and empower.

This community for outdoors women and marginalized genders in Manitoba connects us out on the trails and beyond, and provides a forum to exchange and build our outdoor-related knowledge, skills, and self confidence.

We provide local workshops and activities that help us address some of the challenges that we face in the outdoors. We foster connection among individuals with like-minded interests who love to be outside. We also provide opportunities to join new adventures and potentially get outside your comfort zone!

Backcountry Women believes in a judgment free space for a diverse group of women and marginalized genders to encourage and build each other up through the power of the great outdoors. We also believe in growing outdoor leaders through our community. Life is better outdoors!

Photo credit: Shana Goulbourne


Like the diversity of the Manitoba landscape, our Backcountry Women Advocates bring a wealth of experience, skills, and interests to the events and activities that are created for you. A number of our Advocates are certified Field Leaders through the Outdoor Council of Canada, or have experience leading in the outdoors and have learned about:

  • Combining the right activity with the right people for both safety and enjoyment
  • Complex challenges and unexpected situations that can arise while in the outdoors 
  • Environmental responsibility
Backcounty Women is Manitoba-born and we know our "backyard" best. All trails, campsites, and facilities are inspected by our Advocates within a minimum of 12-months of an event taking place. Our Advocates are knowledgeable and experienced with the area they are leading in. As individual and unique as all of our Advocates are, you will notice consistences among the planning and safety policies to bring you the best events possible. 

Backcountry Women wants to grow more outdoor enthusiasts through our Backcounty Women Empowerment Fund. This fund will be used to help women acquire gear, attend events, and potentially participate in outdoor leadership courses. Please stay tuned for more details! 

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