New 2021 Membership & Fee structure FAQ

Is my current membership affected by this change?

Your current membership will not be disrupted, and you will still receive discounts to all of our events, workshops, and courses, as well as access to free events such as our Members’ Fireside Chats. Your membership will renew on its existing renewal date under the new pricing structure unless you choose otherwise.

If you have an Explorer or Student Membership, you’ll notice that there is now a non-refundable fee added to some of our events to ensure that those who are signing up are truly committed to attending. It is our hope that this new pricing structure better reflects the value going into each of our events and will hold participants accountable which will in-turn lead to less cancellations and less people sitting on the waitlist. 

If you wish to upgrade your membership to the Adventurer level and receive access to a variety of events (see chart for details) at NO ADDITIONAL COST, please email

How do I know which Membership is for me?

If you’re attending events on a regular basis, the Adventurer Membership would be great for you! You’ll notice the cost-saving benefits immediately as you’ll have access to a variety of our events (see chart above for details) at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

If you only attend events here and there, you may want to consider the Explorer Membership option which will allow you to sign up for events at a discounted rate. You can also register for certain events such as courses and workshops on a one-off basis without having a membership. Note that as our membership base increases there are fewer spots available at our events for non-members.

What level will my membership renew at?

Your membership will continue to renew at whichever level you are currently at unless you select a different option through your profile closer to your renewal date. If you are wishing to upgrade to the Adventurer Membership, please contact us at

What are the advantages of the Adventurer Membership vs the Explorer Membership?

The main difference is with the Adventurer Membership, you will receive access to many events (see chart for details) at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Workshops and courses will have discounted pricing for ALL members.

With the Explorer Membership, you will continue to receive discounted pricing to a variety of events, and activities that were previously free will now be charged a non-refundable fee of $5-$15 depending on the event (prices may vary and are subject to change). This change was made to better reflect the value and effort going into organizing each event and also ensure that those signing up for events are truly committed to attending. **Comparable hikes offered by companies in this industry can run over $50 so every time you pay for and attend one of our events, you are still getting an extremely good value while supporting a local organization and our causes. 

How do I upgrade my membership to Adventurer?

We’re excited that you’re interested in upgrading your membership to the Adventurer level! To do this, please send us an email to with your full name and contact information and we will upgrade your membership for you. 

We are currently upgrading these memberships manually, and will then let you know the cost to upgrade in relation to the amount of months you have left on your current membership. Once your membership renews, it will be done so at the $125 annual fee.

What events are included for free in my Adventurer Membership?

With the Adventurer Membership, you will have access to many of our events for FREE! Hiking events, special series activities, and of course events like our Members’ Fireside Chats will all be included at no additional cost. 

Paid activities and events like workshops and courses (which often require paid facilitators, extra coordination, private bookings, use of equipment or an institution’s space etc.) are not included free with your membership, but you will always receive a membership discount of approximately $15-$20 depending on the activity. See the chart above for additional details. 

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