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Terms for Sponsored Membership Application

If you want to become a member, but simply cannot afford to, we encourage you to apply for this option. We offer a limited number of Sponsored memberships (free). Applications for this option will be reviewed by an External Sponsored Membership Committee (with all identifying information removed from your responses). We will grant up to 10 Sponsored memberships per year to those that are genuinely unable to raise enough funds to pay our membership fee.

Please be aware that we rely on membership fees to keep doing what we do. You should only make a Sponsored application to us if your circumstances are such that you simply could not manage to raise sufficient funds to pay a membership fee. Please note that Sponsored members must commit to any event they are registered for and we allow for a maximum of 3 event registration cancellations per year. (3 cancellations in a year result in membership suspension.)

If you are interested in a reduced membership rate rather than a sponsored membership, please reach out at to discuss this option.

We will reach out to you as soon as possible regarding the Committee's decision on your application. If you would like assistance completing the application, please contact us.

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